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E-Waste Programs Reach Milestone - Todd Witter

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E-Waste Programs Reach Milestone

by Todd Witter

Every year, Americans throw away more than 300 million outdated lap tops, cell phones, printers, broken computer monitors and old television sets. But only 18-percent of all that electronic waste is recycled, according to the EPA. Hoping to cut down on the growing mountain of high-tech trash, two dozen states have passed laws that require the electronics industry to pay to set up recycling programs. But navigating this patchwork of legislation has been a challenge.

By Todd Witter

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Discarded Circuit Boards @ Universal Recycling Technologies


By Todd Witter

Tim Davis is a woodworking artist in Spring Green, Wisconsin. He makes muddlers by hand. What’s a muddler? It’s the tool a bartender uses to crush the orange, cherry and sugar cube in Wisconsin’s favorite drink, the brandy old fashioned.

This was produced by Wisconsin Public Television for their program, “In Wisconsin.”

Holiday Music Motel - Todd Witter

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Holiday Music Motel

by Todd Witter
album Wisconsin Life

Holiday Music Motel:

By Todd Witter

The fifth annual Steel Bridge Songfest takes place this weekend in Sturgeon Bay. It’s a collection of performances to benefit the rehabilitation of the Michigan Street Steel Bridge. Wisconsin Life producer Todd Witter traveled there and discovered more than a simple bridge.

(via wilife)

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